The benefits of geothermal heating and cooling, also known as geoexchange, are well established. Increased geoexchange use, advances in modeling capabilities, and smart operation and control mean that geoexchange systems are capable of operating at the cutting edge of modern comfort system performance. With GeoEx Analytics' help, your geoexchange system will provide you with greater energy savings and more robust operation, giving you the results you expect from your investment in geoexchange.

Applying years of experience, advanced modeling techniques, and cutting-edge measurement and monitoring, GeoEx Analytics delivers results. GeoEx Analytics starts by working with owners, architects, engineers, and design-build contractors to understand each project's needs and how best to meet those needs. For new geoexchange systems, we help to identify and design the ground-coupled heat exchanger (GHX) solution that best fits your site and needs. For existing systems, we ensure that your system is providing you with the most efficient and sustainable operations that you expect, helping to avoid problems before they happen. If you are considering geoexchange, contact GeoEx Analytics first, and start off on the right path.

Harrison Crecraft is a Principal and Partner with GeoEx Analytics

 Harrison has 20 years of geothermal experience, including geothermal energy and the design, installation, and analysis of ground-coupled heat exchangers (GHX) for heating and cooling. His GHX experience includes vertical and horizontal closed loops, open-loop systems, and standing water column wells. He has a practical understanding of geology and hydrogeology and their implications for ground heat exchanger design. His in-depth knowledge of design and installation procedures allows him to design and implement practical and affordable GHX systems. 

Harrison has developed software that significantly advances the design of hybrid GHX systems, which can substantially reduce up-front costs and provide long-term efficient operations. In addition, he has developed applications to assess the performance and long-term sustainability of existing GHX systems. 

Harrison’s education includes a Bachelor of Science from Brown University, a PhD from University of Utah in Geology, and a Master of Science in Computational Sciences from George Washington University. He is a Virginia Certified Professional Geologist, an IGSHPA/AEE Certified Geoexchange Designer, and an IGSHPA/NATE Accredited Installer.