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When considering geoexchange for heating and cooling, every project owner asks, "Is geoexchange a good option for my project?" GeoEx Analytics works with you to answer that question in a fully informed way. Starting with a pre-feasibility study, GeoEx Analytics helps project owners and their design team to understand the types of ground-coupled heat exchangers (GHX) and their pros and cons for the specific geological and mechanical constraints for their project. GeoEx Analytics helps you select the GHX system that best fits your site and needs. From there, as part of a full feasibility study, GeoEx Analytics develops the information, concepts, and data necessary to make the right decision about including geoexchange in your project's design options.  



Quality design requires attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of how GHXs behave as part of a building's overall thermal comfort system. GeoEx Analytics uses advanced modeling to minimize GHX costs and maximize system performance. GeoEx Analytics specializes in ground-coupled heat exchanger design so that you do not have to. Many of the tools available today may make the design of a ground-coupled heat exchanger seem simple. However, each GHX is a custom designed heat exchanger, unique to each project.  At GeoEx Analytics, we always strive to give our clients designs and installations that fit their needs today and for years to come.




Knowledge is power when it comes to maximizing geoexchange performance, and there is no better knowledge than measured results, starting with the characteristics of your site's geology and ending with the ongoing performance of your ground-coupled heat exchanger. Whether you are looking for thermal conductivity testing or monitoring and analysis of your operational system, GeoEx Analytics has the tools and expertise to test, measure, and analyze the system properties and characteristics to maximize efficiency. 



GeoEx Analytics provides project owners with peace of mind by being your on-site rep during system construction and startup. Getting a system properly built and running as it was designed is critical to success for any new heating and cooling system. With geoexchange systems, deviations from design may not show up as problems on day one. Over time, however, those deviations can lead to inefficiencies and operational challenges if not corrected. Because we have designed, built, commissioned, and inspected geoexchange systems for years, we know where to look and how to guide your contractors through the process of installing and setting up your GHX for optimum performance from the start. 




At GeoEx Analytics, we believe that the more our clients know about geoexchange and leading edge geoexchange design, the better their projects and results will be.  We have industry lunch and learns, as well as other specialized presentations that we offer by appointment. We also can tailor an educational session for your specific needs and deliver it in person or as a webinar.